on my old blog wooee look at all those cobwebs
idk why I’m here…. have a picture of old PM Stanley Baldwin


Christopher Plummer, Best Supporting Actor - Critics’ Choice Awards 2012


Dean and his parents

Anonymous asked: what's your new tumblr?

h00 iz u

i’ve remade woot message me if you want the erl

WELL that’s my night sorted


being in school after hours makes me feel like i’m in some sort of horror movie

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I keep getting these sharp pains all over my body omfg what am I going to be like when I’m 70

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Irene Dunne (born this day in 1898) and Cary Grant in a brilliant promo shot for The Awful Truth.

patticorleone-deactivated201207 asked: Heeeey thanks for following ^^ Gawd I'm so crazy about Dean Martin right now it's becoming unhealthy.

thanks for following back! Oh man I know it’s been happening to me for 2 months now and etsjogdiklesd he’s ruining my life i was supposed to use this christmas holiday to catch up on coursework but instead I’m watching every video of him that I can find



This is too good. Damn good. I’m crying.

#watch it. it’ll make you happy.

damn right it did

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my uncle just threw £50 at me

Went to an oldy worldy pub and whoever was in charge of the music had good taste oh man they only played songs by Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens and Frank Sinatra